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Creating a Safer Work Environment at the Ute Indian Tribe with the COVID Vaccine Tracker

Creating a Safer Work Environment at the Ute Indian Tribe with the COVID Vaccine Tracker

In the early days of the coronavirus pandemic, the HR department of the Ute Indian Tribe of Fort Duchesne, Utah contacted Engage by Cell with a specific problem: how could they communicate better with their 400+ employee workforce?

As COVID cases increased across the country, employees needed to receive essential information about COVID policies, safety procedures, and closures.

Ute employees are spread across a large geographic area encompassing many government departments and businesses including a supermarket, gas stations, a bowling alley, tribal feedlot, and many more. Being able to rapidly share information and coordinate with employees was critical.

Even more challenging, many Ute Tribe employees are not issued a company email and do not sit at a computer. However, almost all employees have a cellphone.

To solve communication challenges, the Ute Tribe began using Engage by Cell’s text messaging platform to send text message alerts with news and information, benefit updates, job interview reminders, and summer youth program events. 
This message is to inform you of an interview for Social Services Social Worker will be conducted this Tursday at 1:30pmAs the pandemic continued, the Ute Tribe needed a way to update employees on vaccine availability, general policies, and track which employees were vaccinated. Engage by Cell was able once again to provide a solution with our vaccine tracker mobile application

Engage by Cell COVID Vaccine Tracker

With the vaccine tracker, the Ute Tribe can now request proof of vaccination, notify employees on coronavirus policies, and send vaccination information and instructions. All alerts can be communicated via text message. All relevant news and information is accessible through the mobile web app. Plus, employees can upload proof of vaccination to the app.

How Does it Work?
The COVID Vaccine Tracker is a mobile web application that lives in the cloud. 



Details include:

  • No downloads necessary
  • No IT department needed to
    manage the platform
  • Fully customizable to match
    company branding
  • Changes can be made at any time
  • Accepts a variety of content: PDFs, videos, slide presentations, forms, surveys, quizzes and more
  • Includes text message communication



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Creating a Safer Work Environment at the Ute Indian Tribe with the COVID Vaccine Tracker

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