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Turning Your HR Handbook Mobile

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Imagine offering your employees the convenience of a mobile website where all benefit information is accessible with one or two taps on a phone.

That is exactly the new service we provide!

Benefit levels, phone numbers, PDFs, forms, videos,and even an FAQ column can be created by you in an hour. Your employees can access this from their phone, tablet or any computer – whenever and wherever they are.

Some benefits of using a Mobile Benefits Guide:

  • Save the cost of printing paper
  • Update documents and information in real-time

  • No need to download multiple apps from insurance providers
  • Improve customer service by adding  "Tap to Call"

  • Allow employees to access the Mobile Benefits Guide even if they don't have a company email

Text HANDBOOK to 56512 on your phone, or simply click this link.You spend thousands of dollars on benefits that your employees may not know how to use or that even exist.  Our new Mobile Benefits Guide solves that problem.

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Turning Your HR Handbook Mobile

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