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Top 8 Ways Learning Institutions Use Mobile Services

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Engage by Cell partners with hundreds of primary schools, large universities, smaller colleges and other scholastic organizations. Their use of mobile technology is driven primarily by the need to increase fundraising and widen the fundraising pool of prospects, to increase awareness of an organization, its activities and its programs; and to increase overall engagement with large, segmented audiences.  

Our most successful education clients weave multiple mobile actions together to accomplish one or several of these goals. Here are some of the more popular campaign objectives.

  1. Build a text message (SMS) opt-in list. Encourage people to text in to sign up for alerts while they are school function, a sporting event, an alumni gathering or elsewhere.. Encourage distribution list opt-ins in existing content, such as newsletters and in printed collateral like easily viewable posters. Once they have opted in to the SMS distribution list, schools can push relevant and timely information to them through their phones.
  2. Gamify your user experience. Create games, surveys, polls, contests and other engaging activities. Then, provide the audience with the ability to register to an activity, or future event, make a donation, or take a tour using mobile technology.
  3. Offer smartphone audio guides and guided campus tours to prospective students and parents, or to the community, boosters, alumni and any stakeholders. Example: UC Berkeley:
  4. Use mobile services like texting and mobile websites for counseling and human services departments, creating platforms for sharing information, touching base with students or staff members, and allowing a specific audience to ask questions -- which can be answered instantaneously.  
  5. Use mobile services to stay connected to faculty. People are overloaded with email and timely open less than one-fifth of the time. Text message delivery rates, meanwhile, are nearly 99 percent.
  6. At every event, from tree lightings to concerts and sporting contests, ask participants to take out their phones and make a donation to a particular cause or to an organization.  It’s fast, simple and many are excited to help out when they are struck by the moment.
  7. At graduation, use texting to remind students and parents about where to be at important times.
  8. Ask parents of prospective students to opt-in and remain involved in their children’s activities and the school.

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Top 8 Ways Learning Institutions Use Mobile Services

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