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Engage by Cell Text Messaging Video

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It’s the sad truth: sending too many emails makes people ignore some of your messages. After a while, they become a steady stream of static.

With average email open rates at 16% and falling, you’d be crazy not to investigate a more effective communication channel. 

Engage by Cell helps more than 4,000 organizations reach every audience they serve: employees, customers, visitors, and more — all through the convenience of mobile websites and text messaging.  


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Video Transcript:

Are you constantly struggling to get people to answer the phone or read your emails? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

On average, email open rates are down to 16% and falling. And phone calls? Americans now answer less than half of all calls they receive.

It’s no wonder more and more businesses use text messaging to effectively connect with their audiences. With five billion people around the globe sending and receiving text messages daily, it’s easily the most popular form of communication.

What makes text messaging so appealing?

First, texts are quick and digestible. It’s the perfect way to send small bursts of information that can be read instantly. And since everyone gets text notifications on their phone, they know the moment your message is received. That’s why texts are not only read 98% of the time, but usually within ten minutes or less. Plus, texting is fun! By adding emojis, personalization, or media such as video or animated GIFs, you can add a human touch to your message that’s simple yet effective.

But how do you reach your entire contact list? You can’t just text thousands of people from your personal phone. That’s why you need a texting partner like Engage by Cell.

With our robust text messaging platform, we give you all the tools to effectively reach your audience — with no spamming involved. By texting a keyword, they’ve opted in to receive texts from you and can opt out at any time.

Want to send texts to separate groups? Engage by Cell also lets you segment your lists, so recipients will only receive specific information that they’re interested in. Users need only text in a second keyword and they can be added into any number of lists.

What if people have questions? With our Text Chat feature, you can respond to everyone directly right from our administrative dashboard and address their concerns in real time.

And by adding links to your texts, you can direct your users to wherever you want them to go. Training content, product pages, surveys, forms - whatever content you can think of, you can deliver by text message. 

With an Engage by Cell text messaging service, you can be confident that your audience receives and reads your content faster.

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Engage by Cell Text Messaging Video

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