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Teneo Hospitality Meeting: Leading the Way to Gathering Safely Again


Like many other organizations around the world, once COVID-19 hit, Engage by Cell had not planned to attend any 2020 conferences in person. However, after reviewing the safety protocols put into place at Teneo Hospitality Group’s October 2020 meeting at the InterContinental Buckhead Atlanta, Senior Account Executive Christa Mallard and Project Manager Emily White jumped at the chance to network with hospitality and event professionals, face-to-face (and mask-to-mask).

With attendee safety and security as the number one goal, Teneo’s Atlanta client event was a hybrid option where over sixty clients met in person and hundreds registered virtually.

Health and Safety Protocols

One day before the event, attendees were sent a health questionnaire which was your "ticket" to get in the door. Upon arrival, temperatures were taken and masks were mandatory. Attendees even wore color-coded bracelets to reflect their preference of social distancing. Plexiglass shields were placed in front of every booth and stickers placed on the floor to remind attendees to remain six feet away. Attendees also received complimentary COVID and antibody tests on clear entryWearing Engage by Cell’s social distancing device, the Personal Space Guardian, Christa and Emily met with event planners from organizations that are looking for solutions to bring back in-person events.TAGsocial-DistancingChrista shared, “I did not realize how deeply this industry has been affected by COVID. Our social distancing devices are a foolproof solution for contact tracing and helping people maintain a six foot distance. It was a huge hit for the attendees.”

Teneo meeting attendees also showed great interest in Engage by Cell’s technology for events like mobile websites and text messaging.

Teneo featured imageThe Value of Meeting In-Person

Returning from the event, Emily shared, 

Emily-01“Meeting in person is just magical, you really get to connect with people on such a personal level. Teneo hit it out of the ballpark by hosting a successful socially distanced in-person event. This gave me and the attendees proof you can host in-person events safely.”  

Christa expressed similar sentiments,

Christa Image-01I am so glad we made the decision to attend. We made so many quality contacts by attending that we never would have made otherwise. Networking in person provides real connections that you just cannot establish on the phone or on Zoom.”


The theme of Teneo’s October meeting was “Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome!” As a country, we continue to evolve and adapt to the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic. Engage by Cell commends Teneo Hospitality Group for its ingenuity and commitment to creating a safe environment for working professionals and the hospitality industry.


Teneo Hospitality Meeting: Leading the Way to Gathering Safely Again

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