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Social Distancing Made Easy with the Personal Space Guardian

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People all over the world are concerned about COVID-19 exposure, social distancing, and safety. So how can businesses, cultural venues, or any place where people gather ensure that health and safety receive top priority?

Engage by Cell recently partnered with a leading international company that has been providing personal space detection in factories for 10 years. Known as the Personal Space Guardian, this small, wearable device lights up or vibrates when another person comes within six feet.

Use Cases:

  • Offices: protect employees and reduce the anxiety of returning to the office--perfect for contact tracing as every interaction between wearers is captured in the device software
  • Museums and cultural venues: reassure visitors they will be safe on your property
  • Theaters, concerts, festivals and conference: ensure attendees maintain the proper social distance at large gatherings

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The Personal Space Guardian can be programmed to alert within a customizable distance. In addition, devices can be programmed to not buzz near family or personal group members. If a venue has size limits, the device software allows the number of people in certain area to be counted.

Listen to Timothy Verdon, Director of the Florence Duomo, explain how the device will protect visitors at their venue.

How will you prevent COVID-19 exposure and ensure safety at YOUR site?

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Social Distancing Made Easy with the Personal Space Guardian

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