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Set your new hires up for success with Engage by Cell’s Onboarding Task Manager




Whether it’s day one, week one, or the first 30 days, your new employees have specific tasks to complete.

♦  Required forms

♦  Training videos

♦  Benefit enrollment

♦  Company policies

♦  Operating procedures

How will you know if your new hire is up to speed? Where’s your proof that you prepared them properly for their new position? 

Engage by Cell’s Onboarding Task Manager is a mobile website that can be saved as a bookmark on a smartphone, tablet, or computer. Accessible via text message or link, the Onboarding Task Manager has the look and feel of a native app, with no downloads required.

How Does it Work? (The front-end experience)
From the mobile website home page, users create a username and password.

Once logged in:

  • Employees can view their task list. 
  • Onboarding Managers can monitor their new hires’ progress and assign themselves task lists that relate to a specific hire
Once a task is completed, notifications are sent to supervisors and the task is grayed out. 

The Set Up Process (the back-end experience)

From the administrative platform, a hiring manager, HR manager, or other supervisor creates task lists based on specific intervals: week one, month one, quarter one or any other time period. Tasks and supervisory roles are fully customizable to your organization.

Once tasks are set, the onboarding process becomes fully automated with no manager involvement required.

Alerts can be automated via text or email for:

  • Deadlines
  • Sign-offs from upper management

Managers can view reports on tasks completed, tasks outstanding, and delinquent tasks

 Healthcare Mobi Examples Task Manager

Task-Manager-photo♦ Reduce new hires’ anxiety.
♦ Reduce unnecessary supervision. 
♦ Reduce paper that’s printed and distributed.

Everything they need to get acclimated is now on their phone



Set your new hires up for success with Engage by Cell’s Onboarding Task Manager

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