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See How This Workforce Agency Supports Job Seekers with Mobile Tech


With in-person job fairs temporarily sidelined, how can the workforce development industry support job seekers and close the communication gap?

Luckily, the Burlington County Workforce Development Board was prepared years ago with mobile technology from Engage by Cell. 

In a recent presentation to workforce development board leadership, Barbara Weir, Senior Program Analyst with the Burlington County Employment and Training Division, shared the mechanics of our text messaging and mobile website platform.

To solve today’s communication challenges, Burlington uses Engage by Cell’s text messaging platform. With this tool, they push event notifications, links, and images. Job seekers can opt-in to a number of lists and opt-out at any time. With Burlington, job seekers can choose to receive text messages from the American Job Center, RCBC Career Services, the Workforce Development Board, or Rowan College at Burlington County. Best of all, text messages can be scheduled so that administrative users can “set it and forget it.”


Burlington County also uses Engage by Cell’s mobile web authoring platform. Similar in look and feel to a native app, Burlington’s mobile website has much more flexibility as it requires no IT department, no downloads, and is fully customizable. Their mobile website includes resources for youth programs, employment events, adult education, maps, and training videos. With no limits on content, the possibilities are endless!



For years, Engage by Cell has supported workforce development clients like the Middlesex County Office of Workforce Development, Workforce Solutions Borderplex, Goodwill Industries of Fort Worth and many others by providing the technology that reaches job seekers best: mobile.


“I love this product. I hope others do too and more folks take advantage of this awesome tool.”

— Barbara Weir, Senior Program Analyst, Burlington County Employment and Training Division.


Want to see how Burlington County uses mobile to reach job seekers? View Barbara’s presentation slides here.

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See How This Workforce Agency Supports Job Seekers with Mobile Tech

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