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Ready to Outsource COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking and Exposure Management?


Ready to Outsource COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking and Exposure Management?

Tracking vaccine status, workplace exposures, and COVID-19 testing can be a labor-intensive process for any size HR department. And the workload increases exponentially the larger the workforce.

So if your HR department is looking more and more like a school nurse’s office, you may want to consider one of two time-saving solutions:

#1 Automate the tracking, exposure, and testing process with mobile technology


#2 Outsource your current vaccine tracking and exposure processes to Engage by Cell.


Engage by Cell’s suite of COVID-19 outsourcing services include:

Vaccine Data Collection
We’ll collect images of vaccination cards, send submission reminders to your employees, and provide your HR team with vaccination status reports.


Exposure Tracking
If an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or reports an exposure, we’ll process all necessary documentation, alert relevant coworkers, and handle return-to-work procedures.


Management of Regular COVID-19 Testing
For your unvaccinated employees, we’ll send weekly reminders for testing, collect test results, and provide HR with testing status reports.


Custom Processes
Does your company have specific forms and processes in place? Let us implement your system with our easy-to-use mobile platform and instant text message communication. 


See how a school district in Maine was able to gauge staff and student vaccine status in just one week!

Download Winthrop Public Schools' Vaccine Tracker Case Study


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Ready to Outsource COVID-19 Vaccine Tracking and Exposure Management?

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