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Mobile Vaccine and Exposure Tracking: Your COVID Response Ally

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Mobile Vaccine and Exposure Tracking: Your COVID Response Ally

With Omicron spreading among fully vaccinated adults, we’re all not out of the woods quite yet.

But don't worry, Engage by Cell’s Vaccine Tracker, Exposure Tracker, and Mobile Vaccine Passes can lighten the HR burden.

Engage by Cell's Vaccine Tracker, Exposure Tracker, and Vaccine Pass

Getting Started
Our Vaccine Tracking solution can be implemented within 24 hours in three easy steps:

  1. Customize the look and feel of the mobile web app to your branding
  2. Finalize your questionnaire
  3. Upload your employee list and go!

Try it yourself! Scan the QR Code to access the vaccine tracker.

Vaccine Tracker-QR Code

Unvaccinated Employee Testing Reminders
For your unvaccinated employees, our system will send automated reminders for testing.

Vaccine Suite Backend Reports and Vaccine Reminder set up


Text Message Communication
Our system includes auto text message triggers to ask unvaccinated employees to submit test results.


Reporting and Analytics
Our platform will automatically send reports to your staff for whatever criteria you are closely watching: vaccination rates, exposure count, and more. Plus, any previously gathered information can easily be imported into the system.


Mobile Vaccine Passes
Once vaccination status has been verified with the Vaccine Tracker, provide employees and guests with a mobile vaccine pass conveniently stored in their digital wallet.


Covid Exposure Tracking
Our platform will help you automate the documentation and communication process for Covid exposures in the workplace.

  • Send instructions and links to forms via text message.
  • Save time and paperwork by providing employees with digital forms easily completed on a mobile phone, tablet or desktop




Has HR Become the Nurse’s Office?
If you’re tired of the hassle of collecting vaccination card photos, sending never-opened email reminders, and tracking exposures, it’s time to automate these processes with quick-and-easy mobile solutions.

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Mobile Vaccine and Exposure Tracking: Your COVID Response Ally

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