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Mobile Training Secrets Revealed

Much is said about mobile training but if there is one think-piece you read about the ever-evolving nature of the mobile training and learning space, it's this one. Founder and CEO Dave Asheim took pen to paper and discussed the current state of mobile as seen through our eyes.

Since founding Train by Cell in 2010, we've had a front row seat to all of the developments in mobile technology and the impact on mobile learning. This piece not only divulges our findings, but also our own thinking behind our products.

"The world of mobile began to change. As phones evolved, tablets were launched, internet connectivity improved and prices for phones and network connection fell. We were confident that if our clients moved from using a downloadable app to a mobile web site to take courses and conduct training, we would have found the answer."
-Dave Asheim, CEO

Take a look at the full article and let us know if you agree or disagree.

Train by Cell Newsletter by Dave Asheim February 2015




Mobile Training Secrets Revealed

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