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Report: Mobile Tech Not Exclusive to IT

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Companies realize the dramatic potential that mobile tech can have on their business strategies and performance. Senior decision-making executives are willing to increase mobile budgets, according to a new study on the impact of mobile tech. However, many companies have little  mobile experience in-house, so new mobile initiatives often get stopped before they can get any traction.

Forrester surveyed mobile tech specialists and executives in 2016 and reported that 40 percent of respondents expect their mobile outreach budgets to increase by 5 percent or more. Only 22 percent of respondents believe their budgets will stay the same or decrease, according to the Global Mobile Executive Online Survey.

Fifty percent, however, reported having limited to very limited in-house mobile expertise. Often, mobile is owned by those who are not mobile experts, with marketing and product managers owning it.

This is where Engage by Cell can help.  

We have what you need to investigate, evaluate and roll out any mobile program. We have 5,000 clients that have launched hundreds of programs, so we have the expertise and experience to help shape a successful mobile program for you. We offer a full, flexible platform allowing you to use cloud-based solutions and get a program live in one day. No I.T. expertise is necessary.

Many companies now use mobile to transform the user experience. More than half reported they use mobile to connect the physical world to digital content and services. Another 40 percent use mobile to alter experience offline. This includes communication and engagement through text messaging (SMS). Engage by Cells Text Messaging service and Mobile Web Authoring platform allow you to reach your audiences wherever they are in the world--instantaneously.

Forrester’s findings are spot-on. A company’s IT department does not have to be involved in all aspects of mobile engagement initiatives. Engage by Cell does not require dependence on internal IT. It is so simple that anyone within your organization can use it to communicate with an external or internal audience, build and manage content and grow engagement.

We offer more than 500 pre-built, cloud-based, turn-key mobile solutions to reach and engage with any segmented groups of stakeholders, clients, collaborators, event visitors, donors and students. We work with enterprise firms, small businesses, educational institutions, nonprofits and charities, as well as event promoters.

Engage by Cell also provides highly flexible, a-la-cart and custom-engineered solutions.

Learn how mobile fits into your organization and fine-tune your mobile strategy with a FREE 20-minute demo of our highly adaptive cloud-based platform. Email us at or call us at 415-615-0150.

Report: Mobile Tech Not Exclusive to IT

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