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Mobile is the Perfect Meeting and Conference Companion

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If you are planning a sales meeting, company meeting or conference, you might consider using Engage by Cell’s new Meeting Mobile website builder.

At these events or meetings, you often want to share a lot of information. And you want your attendees to be super engaged and have ready access to PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, slides, schedules of events, bios, polls and surveys. And that’s why we built our new service.

The mobile site that you build looks and feels like an app, but can be built by you in minutes. And that’s just one of the benefits. You can also:

  • Share a meeting agenda
  • Ask participants to text in and sign up for SMS alerts that they can receive before, during or after the event. This allows you to quickly share any information or  follow-up documents.
  • Suggest participants view all materials from their phones or tablets.
  • Invite participants to complete forms, take polls or quizzes, and see answers in real-time on a live feed on your screen. This keeps participants engaged.

Engage by Cell provides all the technology an organization needs to begin engaging with its employees, vendors, business partners and customers. Build a mobile-friendly and responsive website in minutes for training, on-boarding, storing content, and planning a meeting. Our off-the-shelf, drag-and-drop, cloud-based solutions cover every aspect of mobile engagement. You can also monitor the return on your investment in real-time with our analytics dashboard that lets you see when your colleagues are accessing your content before and after a meeting or conference.

View an example of how the Utah chapter of the Association for Talent Development used the text message and mobile web platform powered by Engage by Cell.

Mobile is the Perfect Meeting and Conference Companion

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