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Kaiser Learning Conference Spotlights Mobile Trends in Healthcare

Kaiser learning Conference Spotlights Mobile Trends in Healthcare

How do healthcare organizations like
Kaiser Permanente use Engage by Cell? 

Dave Asheim

CEO Dave Asheim explains.

For more than 14 years, Engage by Cell has created mobile technology like smartphone tours, audio tours, GPS mapping, and Text Chat for cultural venues through our Guide by Cell division and supported nonprofit organizations with mobile fundraising solutions through our Give by Cell division.

However, in the last several years, a new sector has emerged with a perfect use case for mobile technology: healthcare.

Last month, Engage by Cell CEO Dave Asheim had the privilege of speaking to healthcare professionals at the Kaiser Virtual Learning Conference and spotlight how our healthcare clients use mobile technology in the 24/7, on-the-go environment of hospitals and clinics.



One of the more popular uses of Engage by Cell’s mobile technology is to onboard new healthcare employees. Fully customizable, the mobile onboarding websites have the look and feel of native apps, but do not require any downloading. Changes can be made to the content at any time without the help of an IT department. Mobile onboarding websites often include training videos, facility maps, contact buttons, welcome packets, and checklists. Employees can text-in to access the onboarding website, or can be sent a link via text and bookmark the landing page on their phone.

Healthcare Mobi Examples Onboarding


Task Manager
Originally a custom engineered solution for Kaiser, Engage by Cell’s Task Manager helps train healthcare professionals in managerial roles. Within the Task Manager mobile application, hiring managers can assign tasks to new managers, monitor progress, and receive notifications of task completion. Managers can also request sign-offs from other team members for added accountability.

Healthcare Mobi Examples Task Manager



Conference Mobile Website
With many conferences pivoting from in-person to virtual, healthcare clients are using our mobile websites and text messaging services to support e-learning. The mobile website can serve as a portal for webinar recordings, videos, PowerPoint presentations, and speaker bios. Once a conference attendee texts in to access the mobile site, they are now enrolled in text message alerts notifying attendees of breaks, upcoming speakers, and breakout sessions. With the Text Chat feature, attendees can text in questions and receive an immediate response from an administrative user.

Healthcare Mobi Examples Conferences



COVID Resources
Another interesting use case of Engage by Cell’s mobile technology is a COVID-19 resource portal. One healthcare client wanted to provide resources and support to workers on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic. Their mobile website content includes self-care tips, community resources, opportunities for giving back, success stories—all easily accessible to physicians and healthcare workers on their feet with no immediate access to a laptop or computer.

Healthcare Mobi Examples Covid Resources



One healthcare client in the Northeastern United States, serving more than 1.4 billion patients, uses Engage by Cell's mobile technology for leadership conferences and training. Along with resources and presentations, their mobile site includes surveys to gauge the quality of training content.

Healthcare Mobi Examples Training



So Why Is Mobile Technology Taking Off in Healthcare?
Healthcare professionals like physicians, nurses, and others are on their feet and constantly on the move during their shift. There is no time to sit at a computer and read long emails. Simply put, healthcare workers need short, immediate bursts of information they can check during breaks, downtimes, and after hours, on the device they always carry: their cellphone.

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Kaiser Learning Conference Spotlights Mobile Trends in Healthcare

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