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How Mobile Created a Communication Gateway for Hotel Staff




When you need to urgently reach members of your staff, what does that process look like?

Maybe you send an email or call team members, one by one, which can take hours. Even then, people might not receive your message.

Luckily, The Alida Hotel in Savannah, Georgia no longer struggles with this problem -- they found their secret weapon, a tool that lets them instantly reach staff.

What’s their secret?

The use Engage by Cell’s innovative mobile messaging service.

“We wanted a better way to communicate with our team,” says Director of People & Culture Jamie Barbour, “people don’t consistently check emails anymore but everyone has a cellphone.”

With just a text, Engage by Cell has made it easy to reach staff all at once. When Savannah was experiencing a hurricane Barbour reports, “this was our primary way to communicate with our staff and keep them updated.”

How do staff feel about Engage by Cell? “They enjoy the updated communication,” says Barbour.

Mobile technology proves to be one of the most effective ways to connect to your team today. Visit Engage by Cell to sign up for your free demo this fall.


How Mobile Created a Communication Gateway for Hotel Staff

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