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Enlist Your Top Performers to Get New Hires Up to Speed

Enlist Your Top Performers to Get New Hires Up to Speed


Not long ago, a national distributor with a large sales team approached Engage by Cell with this onboarding challenge:
  • Managers wanted an easier way to track onboarding tasks
  • Employee mentors needed an easier way to communicate with new hires
  • Their onboarding process needed built-in accountability

After interviewing key players and brainstorming solutions, we created our New Hire Evaluation mobile web app. 

Employees access the New Hire Evaluation app via text message, QR code, or by clicking a link, no downloads required. The app can easily be bookmarked on a phone for future use.


How Does the App Work?


During the onboarding period, new hires are assigned a mentor. 


Notifications to all involved parties are sent via text message. 

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Mentors gauge new hires’ product, job, or company knowledge in weekly one-on-one meetings.


Mentors share notes from these meetings via the app, with links to content they need to review.



Managers also receive notifications when questionnaires are completed.



New hires review mentor feedback and complete suggested training.



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Positive Outcomes
The New Hire Evaluation app helps new hires get fully acquainted with their company, their territory, and their job duties.

Assurance for Managers
With the New Hire Evaluation app, managers can be assured that a mentor is helping a new hire. That new hire is receiving the best chance possible to be successful in a fast paced, always-changing work environment. 

Training the Next Generation of Managers
Employees often sign up to be mentors because they want to move into a manager role. By using the New Hire Evaluation app, mentors get to work on their coaching skills. Mentors build a portfolio of people they've helped be successful. 

Tracking and Evaluating the Onboarding Process
The New Hire Evaluation app shows if new hires are onboarding on schedule. Mentors and managers can review specific content that new hires struggle to comprehend. Future onboarding tasks are then focused on that content.



When hiring new employees, every hour spent onboarding, orienting, and training requires time, energy and money.

Let’s get your new hires productive and working, faster.

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Enlist Your Top Performers to Get New Hires Up to Speed

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