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5 Ways Mobile Is Helping Workforce Development

The Engage by Cell mobile web app builder and text messaging platform help workforce development organizations reach job seekers, improve training and skill retention.[…]

Turning Your HR Handbook Mobile

Imagine offering your employees the convenience of a mobile website where all benefit information is accessible with one or two taps on a phone.[…]

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Understanding Mobile Tendencies

Because the majority of your audience will arrive at your site on smartphones, you should make a concerted effort to understand the habits of your donors, champions, customers, colleagues or leads.[…]

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State of the Internet: Mobile Has Become King

The annual report that dubbed “the most anticipated slide deck of the year” is back. Each year, Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers presents her internet trends report, a meekly titled but hugely important and hotly anticipated evaluation that realistically deserves the title “State of the Internet.”[…]

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Your Employees, Your LMS and Engage by Cell

If you take part in online learning, you probably also use a learning management system (LMS) to build, manage and disseminate content. If your workforce is not always sitting in front of a computer, an LMS alone is not enough. Your LMS provider may say that it offers a mobile option or that one is in development, but chances are it is inadequate.  First, consider the ways in which your employees are willing to use their phones, as surveyed by Engage by Cell.[…]

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How to Use SMS to Create Deeper Levels of Employee Engagement

Every day we talk to HR, Training and Communications Managers struggling with improving corporate communications.[…]

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Report: Mobile Tech Not Exclusive to IT

Companies realize the dramatic potential that mobile tech can have on their business strategies and performance. Senior decision-making executives are willing to increase mobile budgets, according to a new study on the impact of mobile tech. However, many companies have little  mobile experience in-house, so new mobile initiatives often get stopped before they can get any traction.[…]

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Empower Your Security Team with Mobile, Visual Tech by Engage by Cell

While many public institutions such as museums use security teams, interaction between individual officers is still heavily reliant on on old-fashioned walkie-talkies and radios. Those allow only for verbal communications, of course, but we live in a highly visual world. Allowing security teams from communicating visually makes their jobs much easier. This is now a real, successful and cost-effective reality with the Engage by Cell mobile platform.[…]

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